Please note that your child cannot commence 3 year old kinder until they have turned 3. Our enrolment policy gives preference to those children who have turned 3 by Jan 31st in the year of commencement. You are still able to apply if your child turns 3 during term 1 however they cannot start the program until their 3rd birthday and fees still apply. If you are unsure regarding which year to apply for you are able to select multiple years, as well as apply for 3yo and 4yo in the same application. For those who wish to start their child in the year that they turn 3 an interview with the teacher will be arranged to discuss the child's readiness.

Your child may go straight into 4yo kinder before they turn 4 if they are born prior to April 30, but we don't recommend this is in their best interest. If you would like to know more, please follow the link to email our Enrolment Officer below.

If you do not require 3 YO Pre-kinder, just select 4 YO Kinder below.

If you require any assistance completing this form, or have any other questions about our program or the enrolments process, please feel free to contact our Enrolment Officer at or call the Kindergarten at 03 9755 2647.

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